Florencia S.M. Brück was born in Argentina and raised between Milan, Buenos Aires and Washington D.C. a visual artist whose practice includes painting, film, photography, sculpture, programming languages and music. She is known for works that examine the subjective experience. Rooted in the traditional medium of painting and crossing over into new-media streams, she operates from a distinctly sense of inner spatial recognition, investigating human behavior in the information era and proposing a contemplative model for societal awareness.

“I seek to navigate the confluence of art, awareness and technology. To express the tension that exists in the dialogue between the human, the artificial and nature.”


  • Torcuato Di Tella University, Eduardo Stupia, Painting
  • Andrzej Welminski, Sculpture and Performance
  • Natan Sinigalia, Interactive Media and Generative Arts
  • Andrew Quinn, Interactive Media and Generative Arts
  • Cazadores del Arte, Manuel Ameztoy, Sergio Bazán, Alejandra Roux and Augusto Zanel, Art Clinic
  • Scuola dei Fotografi Giac Casale, Photography
  • Andrea Waissman, Painting
  • Helena Distefano, Painting
  • Heriberto Zorrilla, Painting
  • Wolf Werdigier, Painting
  • Lois Renner, Painting
  • Ecole municipae de Beaux arts, Jacotte Capron, Masterclass Raku
  • Goethe Institute, MOOC “Managing the Arts” program
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Mauro Buscemi, Temple studies
  • MoMa, The Museum of Modern Art, “Modern Art & Ideas”

Artist Residencies:

  • GAD Giudecca Art District, Venice 2019
  • BAI Berlin Art Institute Artist Residence, Berlin 2018
  • International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media, Venice 2018
  • International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media, Venice 2016
  • Artist Residency, A.I.R. Vallauris, France 2014


Florencia has exhibited works and participated in art festivals in locations including

  • Giudecca Art District Gallery, Venice, Italy 2019
  • Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy 2018
  • BAI Fellows, Berlin, Germany 2018
  • Art Spring Berlin, Germany 2018
  • Evita Museum (art work in permanent collection), Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
  • Estilo Pilar Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
  • Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy 2016
  • Casa FOA, Site Specific Art Installation, Experiments in Light, Color, Sound, Cinematic and Space, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016
  • Reflexiones sobre la contemporaneidad desde el arte Latinoamericano – Exposición Plástica, Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México 2016
  • International Houston Fine Art Fair, Houston, USA 2015
  • Centro Cultural Borges, Mirá Festival de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015
  • Casa de la Cultura de Tlalpan, Mexico City 2015
  • Facultad De Derecho, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014
  • Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Mexico City 2014Club San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014
  • Imaginario Galeria de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013
  • Post Data al Arte, La Recova de Posadas, Buenos Aires Argentina 2013
  • Pilar a cielo abierto, Argentina 2012
  • Exposición Colectiva, Foto Club Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010

She is a member of the AAMNBA, Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pérez Art Museum, Miami; Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF). Florencia is also involved in helping to develop the art community; she has donated paintings to help in the fundraising of POMO’s ART CENTER in Argentina.