Florencia continues her studies in fine arts at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media | Venice, and participates in the course of Master Painting Class I with professor Wolf Werdigier and Master Class Painting III with teaching professor Lois Renner.

The International Summerschool of Fine Arts and Media | Venice is grounded in the tradition of Black Mountain College and Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center. The school partners with the Venice Biennale, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Francois Pinault’s collection at the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana.

the progression towards abstraction


In a square I found form, which encompassed one of the figurative artworks I did during this week’s class. The light and shadow inside the box transformed the space from where I started detaching myself from figuration.

The use of fabric over the paintings also helped me to connect with texture and senses, opening the doors to a vast realm of perceptions.

By ripping apart all the figurative artworks I did into unrecognizable shapes and placing them in random locations into the canvas, letting chance play its part, I began the abstract journey.

What once was a figurative shape became free from its original form.

The eyes were intentionally displaced in absolute subjective locations to invite the viewer to look at things from an alternative perspective. To look inwards.

Art for me is about consciousness, about meaning… Is about finding the inner perspective on how we look at things. My work is above all a poetic vision.

Francis Bacon said that he walked what he called the “tightrope between abstraction and figuration” to ask existential questions about the image of man.