NDE (near-death experience).  Buenos Aires, Fall 2014. Painting, Oil on canvas, Size: 47.2 W x 39.4 H in (120 W x 100 H cm).  © 2014 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


When I finished painting this piece I saw a door and a cross at the bottom of the canvas that I never drew intentionally. I decided to call it NDE (near-death experience) since I feel these are my near-death experiences that came out from my unconscious.

I had my first near-death experience when I was a child, perhaps at the age of 5. It involved me drowning. I found out a couple of years ago, while talking to my cousin, that she actually saved my life. I later confirmed with my parents that I drowned in a swimming-pool at night during a family gathering. All the adults where inside the house and we, the kids, were playing around the pool. I don’t know how long I was underwater drowning to the time I was tossed back out. All I know is that my father resurrect me.

Since then I had 1 more NDE experience, it was around my 15th birthday, during my sleep. I could hear music, which sounded like women’s voices (angels) singing, it was an overwhelming feeling of peacefulness, there was a very bright light… then I felt a presence coming up the stairs, I could see it was a man dressed in black with a black hat, but could not see his face. I thought to myself “am I dead?” I saw my body sleeping in the bed and I immediately tossed myself back into it. I even remember saying “not yet”. Now I know this is called “Out of the body experience”.