2017-2018. The Connektome project is a work that started with drawing interventions on photography and magazine ads, followed by a 3D sculpture, video art and crossing over to an avatar wearing the Connektome’s sculpture in virtual worlds.

As an interdisciplinary artist from various fields of practice, in this project I seek to navigate the confluence of art and technology. To express the tension that exists in the dialogue between the human brain and artificial intelligence.

Rooted in the traditional medium of painting and crossing over into modern forms of art such us virtual worlds, I operate from a distinct sense of spatial recognition, investigating human behavior in the information era and proposing a contemplative model for societal awareness.

#ai #wiredbrain #consciousness #bigdata  #connectome #wiringdiagram #astralbodies #memories #virtualbrain #neuralconnections #ar #artificialinteligence #contemplation

Each magazine page or photography is sold separately. There are more artworks, please contact info@florenciabruck.com if you would like to see the complete collection.