Synthetic Memories

“Florencia S.M. Brück’s latest AI video artwork “Synthetic Memories” is a thought-provoking exploration of memory and the relationship between technology and humanity. Through a stunning AI animation, the viewer is taken on a dreamlike journey through the memories of different women, as they come together to form an augmented bio woman. What makes this artwork so striking is the way it fuses technology with an inner light, imbued with a fluidity and grace that suggests a deep connection to the natural world. This seamless integration of the organic and artificial highlights the potential of technology to reshape our understanding of…

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Lucid meta-morphosis. World’s first 360 art experience that stimulates all 5 senses.

I created this artwork specifically for Boulevart, a three-day event aimed at celebrating Dubai’s position as a hub for the global Web3 community. The piece is designed to be displayed in the world’s first 360-degree art experience that stimulates all five senses. You can learn more about the event at ArtInSpace. Lucid meta-morphosis Florencia S.M. Brück’s exhibition features a short AI video that explores the expression of aesthetics in a cyborg trans-human setting, inspired by the art of the Renaissance, the NordicArt and the Rococo period. The immersive exhibition uses a combination of video, audio, aromas, light effects, fog, and…

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IKT & Plus Tate Talk. The Role of NFTs in Cultural Institutions.

The Role of NFTs in Cultural Institutions: Wednesday, 25 January (3PM – 5:30PM GMT) Speakers Auronda Scalera, Florencia S.M. Brück, Frances Liddell, Diane Drubay. Moderator Alfredo Cramerotti. The webinar focused on the role of NFTs in public cultural institutions with the implications and impact on museum practices, offering new points of view from collectors, galleries and artists. Auronda Scalera is an art curator, art consultant that lives between London, Dubai and the Metaverse. She is specialised in contemporary art and digital art. She is the co-Director of XXNFT, a platform about women and NFT, and the Infinity Art Museum, the…

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Being Human

Florencia’s latest project explores the expression of aesthetics in a cyborg trans-human setting, utilizing AI generative adversarial networks inspired by the painterly art of the Renaissance, Baroque, and the Mannerist. This collection of artworks represents the merging of organic and inorganic elements in the pluriverses, as well as the ethical implications of revolutionary advances that impact human life. Traditionally, a portrait’s function is to immortalize the model, but Florencia questions the extent of a computer’s ability to reproduce our facial features. There is now ongoing AI research focused on creating an artificial intelligence so advanced that it can immortalize people…

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NFTs release on SuperRare

Minted on May 7 2022, two Tension and Interlude NFTs, these are in real life paintings that were photographed and animated using 3D softwares and programming language with sound sensors that will move the ink in accordance with the music. Music in collaboration with composer Andrea Vanzo. You will also find here the Out of Body NFT, which is a derivative work from her 2020 Kunstverein Kunsthalle Hannover Exhibition. Created by Florencia, performed by Laura De Luca and music by Alessandro Branca, “Out-of-Body” involves a co-creation journey featuring one of the world’s very first Generative Art NFT performances. With NFTs,…

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Decentral Art Pavilion. Venice Art Biennale 2022

VENUE Palazzo Giustinian LolinDATES April 20 – June 20, 2022OPEN Tue – Sun, 11am – 7pm, free admissionWEBSITE The Decentral Art Pavilion, in parallel with the Venice Art Biennale, opens its doors on April 23, 2022 at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin. Curated and organized by Florencia S.M. Brück, Javier Krasuk, Diego Lijtmaer and Simone Furian, with installation design by David Rodríguez Gimeno, and the photography section curated by Arianna Grava, the exhibition entitled “Singularity” will feature works by Beeple, Coldie, Aaron Penne, Studio Drift, Justin Aversano, XCOPY, Raphael Lacoste, Trevor Jones, Michael Yamashita, Annibale Siconolfi, Maxim Zhestkov, Filip Custic, Matt DesLaurier, as well…

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Out-of-Body, one of the world’s first Generative Art NFT performances.

Mar 13, 2022 /OUT OF BODY/ — Artists Florencia S.M. Brück launched today an exciting announcement of its very first NFT performance art called “OUT OF BODY”, which is a derivative work from her 2020 Kunstverein Kunsthalle Hannover Exhibition. Created by Florencia, performed by Laura De Luca and music by Alessandro Branca, “Out-of-Body” involves a co-creation journey featuring one of the world’s very first Generative Art NFT performances.  SUPERRARE NFT MARKETPLACE With NFTs, we are able to crystallize unique performances, and own what otherwise would be intangible, Blockchain technology may propel performance art into a new age, as it has done in…

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Florencia S.M. Bruck is an Argentine artist born to a German mother and Italian­-Argentinian father, and raised between Milan and Buenos Aires. In 1996, she moved to Washington DC and founded “9th Insight”, a programming company with a marketing and communications division that develops and creates internet projects for major organizations such as Discovery Channel, The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Xbox, Mediaset, the Smithsonian Institution, Marriot and Alcatel-Lucent, among others.  Florencia examines the relationship between the virtual and natural worlds, the starting point for the artist’s comparative discovery between technology and art, which is based…

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October 8-10, 2021 Light and shadow projections, VR performance, interactive video and sound installations at the Kesselhaus Linden boiler house The Kunstverein Kunsthalle Hannover presents an extensive multimedia project under the title “Replication” at the Kesselhaus Linden. The topic of the project is replication or reproduction, as in a viral processes the ability of a system to make copies of itself. The artists use the replication of digital data or algorithms to build complex structures of generative art. The exhibition title forms the content-related bracket for all four works shown on each side of the boiler house for three evenings in…

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When I am folding, I am objective and that allows me to lose myself. —Simon Hantaï Folding-unfolding no longer simply means tension-release, contraction-dilation, but enveloping-developing, involution-evolution. —Gilles Deleuze The act of folding is both a concept and a formal process. Folding as action, illusion, and symbol has appeared throughout contemporary art and literature, from Simon Hantaï’s literal process of folding the canvas, dousing it in oil paint, then unfolding it to reveal inadvertent yet lyrical patterns; to Gilles Deleuze’s influential meditation The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque (1988), in which the world is interpreted as an infinity of surfaces twisting…

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Arche’ :: Feedback_Society

THE_SPACE_WE_LIVE_IN ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe, Pavilion 0\3curated by Tomasz Wendland and Harro Schmidt FEEDBACK_SOCIETYFlorencia Brück, Javier Krasuk, and Harro Schmidt. Opening: June 19, 202118:00 hs Venue:GAD SPACE 04 (Giudecca Art District)GLASS FACTORY211 Giudecca, CAP 30133, Venice, From 19th of June to 15th of July 2021, Feedback_Society, an immersive installation by Florencia Brück, Javier Krasuk and Harro Schmidt for ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe, GAD – Giudecca Art District, with the support of Isorropia Homegallery. In a historical period in which human interactions are drastically reduced worldwide, the vision of the future arises from the introspection generated by isolation. Art…

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Mostra “Santi Quaranta” Chiesa di San Vittore e 40 Martiri

Dal 09 Maggio 2021 al 16 Maggio 2021 MILANO LUOGO: Chiesa di San Vittore e 40 Martiri INDIRIZZO: Viale Lucania 18 EXHIBITION OPENING: Domenica 9 maggio 2021 dalle 17 alle 20Artisti: FLORENCIA BRUCK, DAVIDE GENNA E DARIO TIRONI CONCERTO: Domenica 16 Maggio 2021 dalle 15 alle 20Musicisti: GIANLUCA DE RUBERTIS, METAFURIO, VINCENZO PARISI e MILO SCAGLIONI Dal 9 al 16 maggio la chiesa di San Vittore e 40 Martiri ospita la mostra “Santi Quaranta”, un percorso espositivo ideato da Davide Genna in collaborazione con Isorropia HomeGallery. Concerto e selezione musicale a cura di Gianluca De Rubertis. I Quaranta Martiri di Sebaste, secondo le tradizioni…

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“Out-of-Body”, Kunsthalle Faust, Hanover, Germany 2020.

Out-of-body Kunsthalle Faust

Pavilion O2 Hanover A transnational pavilion to explore the common bio and cyber space of the future. Duration of the exhibition: Friday, August 21 to Sunday, September 13, 2020Vernissage: Thursday, August 20, 7 p.m. Curators: Tomasz Wendland and Harro Schmidt Out-of-Body by Florencia S.M. Brück The interactive installation captures the outline shapes of the viewers and duplicates them creating an “astral projection” or out-of-body experience, giving the viewer the sensation of feeling as if consciousness, or the self, is located somewhere other than where the body is physically located. The art installation uses kinect (motion sensors) technology in order to…

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Tension & Interlude Solo Exhibition, 12-14 April,Venice

GAD – Giudecca Art District and the General Consulate of Republic of Argentina in Milan are pleased to present Tension and Interlude a solo show of Florencia Brück. The exhibition comes at the final moment of the artist’s residence in GAD that started in the mid February. During these two months, Brück developed a corpus of new works in which she explores the nature of gravity and the actions of the erosion and vibrations within the canvases. Working with a self made preparation that behaves like oil on the canvas but with a controlled drying timeframe, the artist tries to…

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Venice Art Biennale 2019: FFH – FAR FROM HOME

Generative Art InstallationFlorencia Bruck, Javier Krasuk and Harro SchmidtCurator: Tomasz Wendland Pavilion 02. Transnational Pavilion of a common bio and syber future in collaboration with GAD. Fabbrica H3 di SerendDPT. Campo Sacosmo 624, 30133. Venezia. One person becomes displaced every 2 seconds – less than the time it takes to read this sentence. The installation consist in the creation of a polycarbonate portal mapped with data visualization generative art. The projected images represented by irregular cubes in space are being altered by data driven bouncing forces addressing “world population displacement” The portal detects human proximity and changes the values of…

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About my sculpture-painting approach.

Feb. 01, 2019. I initially apply form to the fabric in the same way I would create a sculpture and then I let particular prime in contrast with watering Indian ink arrange themselves trough the nature of gravity, the erosion, the vibrations within the waves of the canvas. Dew drops… about my sculpture-ink approach. I work with a self made medium that behaves like oil on the canvas but with a controlled drying time-frame. This particular prime in contrast with ink enables it to flow at a certain velocity that, depending on the speed and height of the folded canvas…

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Acrylic on canvas. 2019.. A big canvas always hangs in my studio and day after day it gets filled with doodles. These doodles help me to overcome the stress and to get into focus removing tension and mental blocks. They are like unconscious mental maps, letting go, allowing pure instinct to take form, becoming the channel for things to flow.

Paloma video art installation

Human life takes place inside a series of concentric worlds, here pigeons representing the displacement of what’s real and what’s virtual, the consumption of digital content in contrast with the real food in this case outside our screen view, . Video Art Installation. 2019.

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Yellow Italy (Venice), Spring 2019. Painting, Ink and acrylics on canvas. Size: 430 W x 160 H cm. © 2019 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS).

Tension One

Tension One. Italy (Venice), Spring 2019. Ink on canvas. Size: 202 W x 363 H cm. © 2019 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS). NFT