Pavilion O2 Hanover,

A transnational pavilion to explore the common bio and cyber space of the future.

Duration of the exhibition:Friday, August 21 to Sunday, September 13, 2020
Vernissage: Thursday, August 20, 7 p.m.

Curators: Tomasz Wendland and Harro Schmidt

Out-of-Body by Florencia Brück
The interactive installation captures the outline shapes of the viewers and splits them into two, like an “astral projection” or out-of-body experience, giving the viewer the sensation of feeling as if consciousness, or the self, is located somewhere other than where the body is physically located. The art installation uses kinect (motion sensors) technology in order to mimic and react to human bodies interacting with the digital screen, which copies the human movement and displays it in abstract line patterns on the screen.

With the kind support of:
Lower Saxony Foundation, Cultural Office of the State Capital Hanover

Cooperation partners:
Zacheta National Art Gallery Warsaw, Mediations Biennale Poland, MOCA Taipei, Digital Art Center Taipei, Synthetic Mediart Biennale in Taipei, GAD (Giudecca Art District), Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia

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