Dissolving or Evolving

The project I am deeply involved in ventures into a dimension where photogrammetry becomes not just a tool of precision but an instrument of profound artistic expression. Central to this journey is the ambition to capture more than the mere physical; it’s about encapsulating the emotional and metaphysical essence of subjects.

Utilizing advanced photogrammetry techniques celebrated for their remarkable detail, I have chosen a distinct approach: deliberately introducing errors during the scanning process. These purposeful distortions and disruptions do more than create abstract forms; they dissolve the clear boundaries that define faces, bodies, objects, and spaces. As these elements deform, pixels begin to intermingle and contaminate each other, blurring the distinctions and resulting in a visual amalgamation that feels both haunting and sublime.

This act of dissolution evokes a sensation of entities melting into a greater digital energy. It’s as if each subject, while losing its distinct form, taps into a more universal essence, reminiscent of atoms merging and mingling in the vast expanse of the cosmos. The images no longer just represent objects or beings; they become visual metaphors for decomposition and rebirth, for entities disbanding only to unite with something grander.

In this dynamic interplay between technology’s precision and the chaotic beauty of dissolution, viewers are presented with an altered reality. One where lines blur, forms dissipate, and everything converges into a pulsating digital energy, prompting reflections on the interconnectedness and impermanence of existence. Through this work, the digital realm becomes a canvas to explore concepts of unity, decay, and the cyclical nature of life.

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