Living Traces

The genesis of this concept is deeply rooted in keen observations of the disconnection between bodies and spaces, between humans and cities. This perception of an eerie disparity, a stark lack of cohesion, serves as a compelling call to action. The mission of this project is to illustrate this complex relationship in a manner both profound and tangible, leading to the creation of two distinct scenes that express this intricate dynamic.

In the first scene, an interesting dynamic is introduced where particles are emitted from individuals. These particles symbolize the ephemeral footprints left behind as life is traversed, echoes of existence in spaces once inhabited. They are the trails created unknowingly, the indelible marks, the whispers of the past lingering even when the journey has moved on.

The second scene provides a poignant contrast to the first. Here, particles spring into existence autonomously, creating a virtual space. This results in a disorienting spectacle, invoking an illusion of people merely passing through these spaces. These transient observers may seem to believe they are distant spectators, leaving no impact on the world around them.

However, the underlying truth, as perceived in this project, is drastically different. In reality, human interaction is deeply entwined with these spaces. Silent dialogues shared with the surroundings often go unnoticed, yet they’re pivotal in defining the identity of the spaces occupied. Every laugh echoing off the walls, every sigh that brushes the corners, every step resounding through the halls; they all contribute to the formation of a unique narrative, shaping the essence of the space.

This is the essence of the concept, the purpose behind the scenes crafted. The desire is to illuminate the unseen, to expose the intimate bond between people and spaces, and to articulate the indisciplinary power of human presence in sculpting the identity of the urban landscape.

#vvvv #generativeart

Living Traces, Generative Artwork, July 2018 Vvvvenice.
Collaborative work Florencia S.M. Brück, Cory Rose, Marianne Mettler, Eda Sarman, Eva Videnska, Zackie Despoina Zachariadou with Natan Singiglia