Arche’ :: Feedback_Society

THE_SPACE_WE_LIVE_IN ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe, Pavilion 0\3curated by Tomasz Wendland and Harro Schmidt FEEDBACK_SOCIETYFlorencia Brück, Javier Krasuk, and Harro Schmidt. Opening: June 19, 202118:00 hs Venue:GAD SPACE 04 (Giudecca Art District)GLASS FACTORY211 Giudecca, CAP 30133, Venice, From 19th of June to 15th of July 2021, Feedback_Society, an immersive installation by Florencia Brück, Javier Krasuk and Harro Schmidt for ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe, GAD – Giudecca Art District, with the support of Isorropia Homegallery. In a historical period in which human interactions are drastically reduced worldwide, the vision of the future arises from the introspection generated by isolation. Art…

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Mostra “Santi Quaranta” Chiesa di San Vittore e 40 Martiri

Dal 09 Maggio 2021 al 16 Maggio 2021 MILANO LUOGO: Chiesa di San Vittore e 40 Martiri INDIRIZZO: Viale Lucania 18 EXHIBITION OPENING: Domenica 9 maggio 2021 dalle 17 alle 20Artisti: FLORENCIA BRUCK, DAVIDE GENNA E DARIO TIRONI CONCERTO: Domenica 16 Maggio 2021 dalle 15 alle 20Musicisti: GIANLUCA DE RUBERTIS, METAFURIO, VINCENZO PARISI e MILO SCAGLIONI Dal 9 al 16 maggio la chiesa di San Vittore e 40 Martiri ospita la mostra “Santi Quaranta”, un percorso espositivo ideato da Davide Genna in collaborazione con Isorropia HomeGallery. Concerto e selezione musicale a cura di Gianluca De Rubertis. I Quaranta Martiri di Sebaste, secondo le tradizioni…

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After the Storm (NFT & PAINTING)

Created from a painting by artist Florencia S.M. Brück this NFT tries to undertake on the task of the painter’s feelings of melancholy. Almost like if the drew black drops were the artists tears in a rain of emotions. The NFT has been created with the same dimensions of the original painting allowing the NFT to be projected directly on top of the painting creating a sensation of a live/moving painting. As an interdisciplinary artist from various fields of practice, in this NFT project I seek to navigate the confluence of art and technology. NFT MARKETPLACE SUPERRARE

“Out-of-Body”, Kunsthalle Faust, Hanover, Germany 2020.

Out-of-body Kunsthalle Faust

Pavilion O2 Hanover A transnational pavilion to explore the common bio and cyber space of the future. Duration of the exhibition: Friday, August 21 to Sunday, September 13, 2020Vernissage: Thursday, August 20, 7 p.m. Curators: Tomasz Wendland and Harro Schmidt Out-of-Body by Florencia S.M. Brück Out of Body Interactive Installation provides an immersive exploration of the self beyond the corporeal. This interactive installation vividly recreates the outlines of spectators, creating a form of digital “astral projection.” It offers participants a unique sensation — a disconnect between mind and body — stimulating the consciousness to feel detached from its physical vessel.…

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Tension & Interlude Solo Exhibition, 12-14 April,Venice

GAD – Giudecca Art District and the General Consulate of Republic of Argentina in Milan are pleased to present Tension and Interlude a solo show of Florencia Brück. The exhibition comes at the final moment of the artist’s residence in GAD that started in the mid February. During these two months, Brück developed a corpus of new works in which she explores the nature of gravity and the actions of the erosion and vibrations within the canvases. Working with a self made preparation that behaves like oil on the canvas but with a controlled drying timeframe, the artist tries to…

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Venice Art Biennale 2019: FFH – FAR FROM HOME

Generative Art InstallationFlorencia Bruck, Javier Krasuk and Harro SchmidtCurator: Tomasz Wendland Pavilion 02. Transnational Pavilion of a common bio and syber future in collaboration with GAD. Fabbrica H3 di SerendDPT. Campo Sacosmo 624, 30133. Venezia. One person becomes displaced every 2 seconds – less than the time it takes to read this sentence. The installation consist in the creation of a polycarbonate portal mapped with data visualization generative art. The projected images represented by irregular cubes in space are being altered by data driven bouncing forces addressing “world population displacement” The portal detects human proximity and changes the values of…

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About my sculpture-painting approach.

Feb. 01, 2019. I initially apply form to the fabric in the same way I would create a sculpture and then I let particular prime in contrast with watering Indian ink arrange themselves trough the nature of gravity, the erosion, the vibrations within the waves of the canvas. Dew drops… about my sculpture-ink approach. I work with a self made medium that behaves like oil on the canvas but with a controlled drying time-frame. This particular prime in contrast with ink enables it to flow at a certain velocity that, depending on the speed and height of the folded canvas…

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Reflected Light

Reflected Light. Italy, Spring 2019. Painting, Ink and acrylic on canvas. Size: 130H x 194 W cm. © 2019 Florencia S.M. Brück. When the surface through which the ink travels suddenly changes, the line often experiences partial transmission and partial velocity at the interface.

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Acrylic on canvas. 2019.. A big canvas always hangs in my studio and day after day it gets filled with doodles. These doodles help me to overcome the stress and to get into focus removing tension and mental blocks. They are like unconscious mental maps, letting go, allowing pure instinct to take form, becoming the channel for things to flow.

Illusions of Reality: The Paradox of Presence

2019. In the realm of contemporary art, few works capture the essence of technological mediation and its impact on our perception of reality quite like Florencia S.M. Brück’s latest installation. This thought-provoking piece comprises a simple yet deeply symbolic setup: an iPad displaying a video of pigeons foraging for food, juxtaposed with real pigeon food placed tantalizingly out of reach on a nearby table. This deceptively straightforward arrangement serves as a profound commentary on the nature of telestivity, time, and space in the digital era. At first glance, the installation draws the viewer into a moment of cognitive dissonance. The…

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Yellow Italy (Venice), Spring 2019. Painting, Ink and acrylics on canvas. Size: 430 W x 160 H cm. © 2019 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS).

Tension One

Tension One. Italy (Venice), Spring 2019. Ink on canvas. Size: 202 W x 363 H cm. © 2019 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS). NFT

Connektome Project

Drawing inspiration from philosopher Byung-Chul Han’s exploration of fatigue in capitalist societies, this project delves into the pressing issues of burnout and the ensuing loss of meaning. As an interdisciplinary artist with a background spanning various practices, I meld the realms of art and technology, aiming to capture the tension inherent in the interplay between human cognition and artificial intelligence. This evolving collection began with interpretations in photography and magazines, and has since expanded to include 3D sculptures, immersive video narratives within virtual realms called “Metaverse Archaeologist”, generative art displays, and the transformative wave of NFTs. My ambition is to…

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GAD Artist in Residence

GAD – @giudeccaartdistrict, Artist in Residence from Feb 14 till April 14 – @one_contemporary_art #venice – Exhibition dates to be announced soon. ABOUT – GAD – GIUDECCA ART DISTRICT Giudecca Art District is a network of art professionals whose interest focuses on the island of Giudecca. GAD aims to create an attractive art pole far from the clamor of the mass tourism and close to a contemporary northern European industrial aesthetic.  GAD mission is to gather the professional experiences of our team and partners, giving the opportunity to our interlocutors to be present in Venice with attentively selected projects, to guarantee…

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BRIDGE, CHORUS, VERSE, REFRAIN, ELISION, OUTRO, Italy, winter 2019. Chinese ink on canvas. Size: 63 x 93 cm

Camporsevoli 02

Camporsevoli 02, Italy, summer 2018. Painting, Ink and acrylics on canvas. Size: 300 W x 210 H cm. © 2018 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Camporsevoli 01

Camporsevoli 01, Italy, summer 2018. Painting, Ink and acrylics on canvas. Size: 300 W x 160 H cm. © 2018 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Laboratory for algorithmic mark making

Generative Art that reacts to human movement and sound. Algorithms and rule sets are the ground for generative art – Artistic creation often starts with a conscious choice of these rules, but isn’t limited to any medium, topic, technique or philosophical context. Questions of order and chaos are intrinsically linked to these rules and determine its philosophical proximity to complexity theory (Stephen Wolfram and others). Generative art is either outcome or process of an artistic production based on autonomous systems – thus excluding human spectator agency. Interactive art, on the contrary, is based on spectator-ship agency. Interactive art is per…

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Living Traces

The genesis of this concept is deeply rooted in keen observations of the disconnection between bodies and spaces, between humans and cities. This perception of an eerie disparity, a stark lack of cohesion, serves as a compelling call to action. The mission of this project is to illustrate this complex relationship in a manner both profound and tangible, leading to the creation of two distinct scenes that express this intricate dynamic. In the first scene, an interesting dynamic is introduced where particles are emitted from individuals. These particles symbolize the ephemeral footprints left behind as life is traversed, echoes of…

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“Suspended Echos: The Repetitive Vortex of Displacement”, showcased in Venice’s esteemed Palazzo Zenobio, is an evocative representation of furniture spiraling endlessly in water. This arresting artwork serves as a symbolic testament to the relentless cycle of displacement endured by the people of Lviv following WWII, paralleling the experiences of today’s refugees. Created during a workshop led by the revered Andrzej Welminski, the theme explored was “Lviv – inside and outside”. The artwork’s display in Palazzo Zenobio is a reminder of history’s recurring patterns, compelling viewers to confront the resonating echoes of the past. As spectators gaze upwards at the projection…

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