Camporsevoli 01

Camporsevoli 01, Italy, summer 2018. Painting, Ink and acrylics on canvas. Size: 300 W x 160 H cm. © 2018 Florencia San Martin Brück/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Laboratory for algorithmic mark making

Generative Art that reacts to human movement and sound. Algorithms and rule sets are the ground for generative art – Artistic creation often starts with a conscious choice of these rules, but isn’t limited to any medium, topic, technique or philosophical context. Questions of order and chaos are intrinsically linked to these rules and determine its philosophical proximity to complexity theory (Stephen Wolfram and others). Generative art is either outcome or process of an artistic production based on autonomous systems – thus excluding human spectator agency. Interactive art, on the contrary, is based on spectator-ship agency. Interactive art is per…

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Living Traces

Our concept began by observing a behavior of disconnection between bodies and spaces, human and cities. So we decided to create two scenes expressing their relationship. In the first scene particles get emitted from people to represent the traces we leave that will eventually become the echoes of the past. In the second scene particles are autonomously generated creating a virtual space. There is an illusion that people pass by thinking they don’t affect the place and just observe it from a distance. But in reality human interaction in the space is highly connected and defines its identity. #vvvv #generativeart…

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Furniture in a repetitive vortex suspended into water. Representing the displacement from their homes that the people of Lviv after WWII and modern day refugees were subjected to. History keeps repeating itself in an endless loop. By projecting up onto the ceiling of the Palazzio, the viewer is forced to look up, the surreal scene of the spinning chair in water above gives the sense that they are submerged under water. The work sits in-between something peaceful but volatile and uses water as a metaphor for the turbulence that people feel in their life when forced to evacuate their homes.…

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BAI Sculpture

CURL Sculpture, Copper.2018, Berlin.

Lviv, View from Inside – View from Outside

Performance and sculpture works based on the theme of “Lviv, View from Inside – View from Outside”, led by Andrzej Welminski,Venice, Palazzo Zenobio. 2018 Hardly any other city is as much a projection screen of dreams, transference and traumas as Lviv. For some, Lviv is the city of the Austrian Monarchy culture, writers and philosophers such as Bruno Schulz, Josef Roth, Sholem Aleichem. And we identify with their art and writing. For others, Lviv is the city of the coexistence of many peoples, Poles, Jews, Armenians and German speaking. For others, Lviv means easing their feelings of shame of being…

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For this year’s BAI OPEN HOUSE on May 26 + 27, 2018 Berlin Art Institute will present the exhibition BAI FELLOWS. On display will be a selection of works by current and former participants. The event is part of artspring 2018. With its innovative concept of an international and contemporary art school and residency, the BAI is a new and independent institute for artistic training and advanced training and research in Berlin. The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE is located in the building complex 404 at Industriebahn Berlin in the Berlin district of Weißensee.  Mit Arbeiten von | With works by: Carolina Amaya | Ozlem Armutcuoglu | Tara Ayough | Florencia San…

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Prayer Notes

I don’t have a templeI don’t have a wallI leave a prayer noteon a simple rock

La levedad del ser

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha. If we restrict our attention to the regime of psycho-physiological states where conscious self-awareness is clearly present (that is, excluding sleep and dreaming), the pattern induced by the TM (transcendental meditation) technique may be expressed as a physiological analogy of the Third Law of Thermodynamics. Photography. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.Ships in a tube. Single Edition of 12. Size: 70x49cm

Technological engagement against nature for survival #enjambredigital

Inspired by reading Vilém Flusser, I created this video art piece. The technological engagement against nature for survival. The inevitability of death and the cycle of renewal. Human culture  is absurd, a failed attempts to attain immortality by preserving information after its creator’s death in the form of artifacts that eventually crumble and fade. “technology & culture” are products of a “natural” neuronal circuits in human brains.

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Wearing Off

Wearing Off, 2017. Acrylic on Paper 35 x 38.7 x 0.1 cm Wearing Off the matter and intensifying the senses. The collection is compose by 12 works on paper.

Connektome Sculpture

Brass Knot Sculpture symbolizes the mind.

Casa FOA 2016 :: Hadron Collider

FLORENCIA S.M. BRÜCK & JAVIER E. KRASUK Espacio de Arte #41 :: Hadron Collider Site Specific Art Installation – Suprasensorial // Experiments in Light, Color, Sound, Cinematic and Space. Acrylic on canvas, Size: 190 W x 120 H cm. with stainless still lines and light installation. Buenos Aires, Summer 2016 The art installation challenges the space as a container. Light cables expand from a contemporary acrylic painting to challenge the lines within the space/room combined with cinematics and sound to further experience a boundaryless space. The name “Hadron Collider” was inspired by the LHC in Switzerland, the world’s largest and most…

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Whitening Objects

The form is so strong that even if I remove their colors they still have an identity. Change in context produced no change in accuracy, suggesting that access to memory for object color is independent of shape and texture information. Color seems to be an independently accessible feature of memory representation rather than an integral part of a prototypic representation. When things do not have a use anymore I just paint them white like if by removing their color they became invisible, but the objects are creating their own stories anyways. For more information read this study “Siple, P. &…

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8 Hour Journey

Stop–motion animation project developed in 8 hours, July 2016. Collaborative work. Abstract Painting, Animation, Sound, ScriptFlorencia San Martin Brück Animation, ScriptJavier Krasuk Figurative PaintingsLorena Wildberger Photography ShootingPavel Kraus SculptureDoris Maria Kofler

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Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Ciudad de México

Reflexiones sobre la contemporaneidad desde el arte Latinoamericano – Exposición Plástica, Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México. ….”Reflexiones sobre la contemporaneidad desde el arte latinoamericano, es un proyecto plástico itinerante, que reflexiona desde la narrativa pictórica, sobre el aquí y el ahora del Ser. El horizonte histórico-cultural, que se considera para este ejercicio hermenéutico, comprende desde el periodo posmoderno hasta la globalización”…. Maximiliano Grego, coordinador del proyecto cultural. Director-general en Fundación Grego, A.C. Mi sincero agradecimiento a Maximiliano Grego por convocarme a participar de este interesantísimo proyecto!

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Flora’s augmented reality by proximity

Like hiding secrets the painting will grow flowers when people get close to it. (generative art) .

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The pursue of abstract light.

Florencia Bruck creates her paintings using oil on canvas; she works with rubber brushes to remove paint creating multiple layers of different densities that are then lit from behind by custom LED structures. Illuminating the total surface is easy but she goes a step forward and illuminates only certain areas that allow the rich, deep colors of each layer to come alive and mesmerize the viewer. The light is controlled by a remote dimmer and the observer can adjust the intensity to his/her liking, creating a unique collaborative experience between the artist, the painting, the light and the viewer. The…

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Centro Cultural Borges

Centro Cultural Borges, Mirá Festival de Arte 2015, Florencia San Martin Brück, @FlorenciaSMB, @centroborges, #mirafestival — with Florencia San Martin Bruck.

HFAF :: houston fine art fair

The Houston Fine art Fair (HFAF) features scores of top-tier galleries from all corners of the world. Discover important Modern and Contemporary art, over 500 paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, and sculpture to choose from. Ranging from the big named masters to emerging up and comers. Florencia San Martin Brück’s art is intimately related to his spiritual and philosophical studies. She became interested with the works of Rudolf Steiner and the spiritual movement Anthroposophy. These significantly affected the further development of her aesthetic surrealist abstract works. Steiner believed that it was possible to attain a more profound knowledge of nature…

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