Pigeon Paradox: Crumbs of Reality in a Digital Age

In Florencia’s evocative installation, “Pigeon Paradox: Crumbs of Reality in a Digital Age,” viewers are invited to explore the multifaceted realms of human existence. The artwork grapples with our position within nested universes, both real and digital. Pigeons, often regarded as everyday, ordinary creatures, are symbolically transformed in this piece. They become emblematic of the delicate balance between our tangible reality and the omnipresent digital world.

The displacement highlighted by these birds encapsulates our modern-day struggle: the tug-of-war between the immediate physical world and the engulfing allure of the digital sphere. Bruck draws a poignant parallel between our consumption of digital content and the act of consuming real food. Yet, the latter, a fundamental aspect of our existence, remains intriguingly outside our screen’s view, a subtle reminder of the elements of life we might overlook in our digitized engagements.

In ” Pigeon Paradox,” Bruck not only presents a reflection on our current society but also challenges viewers to question their own perceptions, the choices they make, and the worlds they inhabit.

Video Art Installation. 2019.