Connektome Project

Drawing inspiration from philosopher Byung-Chul Han’s exploration of fatigue in capitalist societies, this project delves into the pressing issues of burnout and the ensuing loss of meaning. As an interdisciplinary artist with a background spanning various practices, I meld the realms of art and technology, aiming to capture the tension inherent in the interplay between human cognition and artificial intelligence.

This evolving collection began with interpretations in photography and magazines, and has since expanded to include 3D sculptures, immersive video narratives within virtual realms called “Metaverse Archaeologist”, generative art displays, and the transformative wave of NFTs.

My ambition is to foster a deeper understanding of our society during this era of self-exploitation, neoliberal dominance, and pervasive surveillance. Through my work, I aspire to stimulate discourse on our collective vision for contemporary living.

#ai #wiredbrain #consciousness #bigdata #connectome #wiringdiagram #astralbodies #memories #virtualbrain #neuralconnections #ar #artificialintelligence #contemplation.


Contact if you would like to see the complete collection.