NFTs release on SuperRare

Minted on May 7 2022, two Tension and Interlude NFTs, these are in real life paintings that were photographed and animated using 3D softwares and programming language with sound sensors that will move the ink in accordance with the music. Music in collaboration with composer Andrea Vanzo.

You will also find here the Out of Body NFT, which is a derivative work from her 2020 Kunstverein Kunsthalle Hannover Exhibition. Created by Florencia, performed by Laura De Luca and music by Alessandro Branca, “Out-of-Body” involves a co-creation journey featuring one of the world’s very first Generative Art NFT performances. With NFTs, we are able to crystallize unique performances, and own what otherwise would be intangible, Blockchain technology may propel performance art into a new age, as it has done in the visual art market. Minted on May 7 2022

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IRL Painting