Tension & Interlude Solo Exhibition, 12-14 April,Venice

GAD – Giudecca Art District and the General Consulate of Republic of Argentina in Milan are pleased to present Tension and Interlude a solo show of Florencia Brück. The exhibition comes at the final moment of the artist’s residence in GAD that started in the mid February.

During these two months, Brück developed a corpus of new works in which she explores the nature of gravity and the actions of the erosion and vibrations within the canvases. Working with a self made preparation that behaves like oil on the canvas but with a controlled drying timeframe, the artist tries to attain an indefectible harmony between human and nature, planned actions and randomness, predictability and contingency.

The show includes 15 paintings, between which, 3 three-dimensional shaped canvases and two installations that the artist realized through a new technique maturated during the residency in Venice.

The practice that she recently developed consists in dripping ink’s drops on a crinkled white canvas, free of its frame. The self made preparation creates a friction with the ink and enables it to flow freely.

Every traces left by the dropped ink generates a unique mark with its own sensitivity of intensity that results as a dotted line or a continues line or a plain.

When all the ink drops are settled into the folds and dried, Brück stretches out the canvas. The gravity has no more effect on the ink, and the black lines are no just visible evidences of its existence anymore, but they became purely esthetic abstract forms.

“There is this principle of letting things go in my work to see what would happen.” The artist says. “No interference, no specific intent. That element of surprise is crucial for the work to have its magic. The moment there is total certainty there is no life”

Tension and Interlude solo show of Florencia Brück
Curated by Valentina Gioia Levy & Pierpaolo Scelsi

From April the 12nd to 14th 2019 — h 11:30 am – 8:00 pm
Opening: April the 12nd — h 6:30 – 9:00 pm
GAD – Giudecca Art District

GAD Gallery
Giudecca 211-b, Venice (Boat Stop Redentore)
Entrance free
Contact: info@giudecca-art-district.com
More info on: www.florenciabruck.com