Being Human

Florencia’s latest project explores the expression of aesthetics in a cyborg trans-human setting, utilizing AI generative adversarial networks inspired by the painterly art of the Renaissance, Baroque, and the Mannerist. This collection of artworks represents the merging of organic and inorganic elements in the pluriverses, as well as the ethical implications of revolutionary advances that impact human life.

Traditionally, a portrait’s function is to immortalize the model, but Florencia questions the extent of a computer’s ability to reproduce our facial features. There is now ongoing AI research focused on creating an artificial intelligence so advanced that it can immortalize people by “remembering” their entire experience.

Florencia’s art prompts viewers to question the emotions of technologically augmented humans and what it truly means to be human. “With my art, I aim to increase people’s awareness of the sciences and technologies that are shaping human evolution, longevity, and issues concerning our existence.”

The portraits are designed as ontological openings, providing new perspectives and potential paths for exploration, including the possibility of returning to places that have been abandoned.

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