HFAF :: houston fine art fair

The Houston Fine art Fair (HFAF) features scores of top-tier galleries from all corners of the world. Discover important Modern and Contemporary art, over 500 paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, and sculpture to choose from. Ranging from the big named masters to emerging up and comers.


Florencia San Martin Brück’s art is intimately related to his spiritual and philosophical studies. She became interested with the works of Rudolf Steiner and the spiritual movement Anthroposophy. These significantly affected the further development of her aesthetic surrealist abstract works. Steiner believed that it was possible to attain a more profound knowledge of nature than that provided by empirical means, and much of Florencia’s work is inspired by her search for that spiritual knowledge.

Witness eye-popping and thought-provoking art installations, presented by such prestigious arts institutions as Art League Houston, Art Museum of South Texas, Katy Contemporary Art Museum, FotoFest International, and others.

Explore the Houston Artists Hall of Fame @ HFAF, with 12 new inductees in its 2nd year. View these artists’ seminal works, those who have helped transform Houston into a respected art mecca in the past 30 years. Plus check out the dazzling Paper Today exhibit, which features mind-boggling large sculptures made of paper, presented by three pioneering Latin American artists. Plus inspiring expert panel discussions uncovering the latest trends.

Show Hours
Thursday, Sept. 10, 11am-9pm
Friday, Sept. 11, 11am-9pm
Saturday, Sept. 12. 11am-6pm

Indulge yourself, there’s no better place or time to invest in art…