Lviv, View from Inside – View from Outside

Performance and sculpture works based on the theme of “Lviv, View from Inside – View from Outside”, led by Andrzej Welminski,Venice, Palazzo Zenobio. 2018

Hardly any other city is as much a projection screen of dreams, transference and traumas as Lviv. For some, Lviv is the city of the Austrian Monarchy culture, writers and philosophers such as Bruno Schulz, Josef Roth, Sholem Aleichem. And we identify with their art and writing. For others, Lviv is the city of the coexistence of many peoples, Poles, Jews, Armenians and German speaking. For others, Lviv means easing their feelings of shame of being survivors of National Socialist horror.

Lviv is also the city of the great patriotic war, the victory of the Soviet army over the Nazi army, it is also the city of Stalin’s propaganda lies and expulsions, as well as of the awakening during the Euromaidan. Lviv is also the city from where soldiers are sent to die in the war against Russia. And Lviv is a happy, up-and-coming city.

Each of us shares a part of Lviv’s history in one or the other way.