The pursue of abstract light.

Florencia Bruck creates her paintings using oil on canvas; she works with rubber brushes to remove paint creating multiple layers of different densities that are then lit from behind by custom LED structures. Illuminating the total surface is easy but she goes a step forward and illuminates only certain areas that allow the rich, deep colors of each layer to come alive and mesmerize the viewer. The light is controlled by a remote dimmer and the observer can adjust the intensity to his/her liking, creating a unique collaborative experience between the artist, the painting, the light and the viewer.

The LED provide a pure light with no heat, which is distributed on the back panel of the painting and are maintenance free. If the lights were never turned off, they would still last for twelve years.

The LED lights in many of these works offer a tonal contrast against darker underlying painted colors and while abstract, are also a fairly accurate depiction of the life force in action.