About my sculpture-painting approach.

Feb. 01, 2019.

I initially apply form to the fabric in the same way I would create a sculpture and then I let particular prime in contrast with watering Indian ink arrange themselves trough the nature of gravity, the erosion, the vibrations within the waves of the canvas.

Dew drops… about my sculpture-ink approach.

I work with a self made medium that behaves like oil on the canvas but with a controlled drying time-frame. This particular prime in contrast with ink enables it to flow at a certain velocity that, depending on the speed and height of the folded canvas and amount of ink, traces unique marks with a sensitivity of intensity generating a dotted line or a plain and continues line.

Study: types of line timeframe from dotted lines to full lines

Once everything has settle into the valleys and dried, I proceed to unfold the sculpture and stretch the fabric. At this points the gravity ceases to exist and the direction of the lines are no longer expressed in their physical form, but instead they take a purely aesthetics expression.

There is this principle of letting things go in my work to see what would happen. no interference, no specific intent. That element of surprise is crucial for the work to have its magic. The moment there is total certainty there is no life.

What I search in this process is to get the perfect harmony of man and nature, of order and randomness, of skill and chance. I search for the optimum combination. Whenever a harmony of parts exists, there beauty is to be found.

Some of the canvases I let them half way open, in a suspended state, they reveal their original sculpture and allow a window into the process but also they gift the playful knowledge of light and shadows that a three dimensional work reveals. With different source of lights or during the time frame of the sunlight theses work play with their own shadows, a fourth dimension.

With the canvases that do not work I create spheres and ~I let them hanging in my studio, for me they are part of the process that made the other canvases have magic, so they do also deserve an artistic point of view and appreciation.