Furniture in a repetitive vortex suspended into water. Representing the displacement from their homes that the people of Lviv after WWII and modern day refugees were subjected to. History keeps repeating itself in an endless loop. By projecting up onto the ceiling of the Palazzio, the viewer is forced to look up, the surreal scene of the spinning chair in water above gives the sense that they are submerged under water. The work sits in-between something peaceful but volatile and uses water as a metaphor for the turbulence that people feel in their life when forced to evacuate their homes.

This film was shot by suspending a chair above a Venetian Canal, it looks like an animation but it is important that it was shot in a real situation. This reflects the significance of the fact that these events are often perceived as fictional events to outsiders.

by Florencia S.M. Brück and Susie Olczak. Work made in Venice #PalazzoZenobio as part of the workshop led by Andrzej Welminski #Summeracademy. Based on the theme of Lviv – inside and outside.