“Suspended Echos: The Repetitive Vortex of Displacement”, showcased in Venice’s esteemed Palazzo Zenobio, is an evocative representation of furniture spiraling endlessly in water. This arresting artwork serves as a symbolic testament to the relentless cycle of displacement endured by the people of Lviv following WWII, paralleling the experiences of today’s refugees. Created during a workshop led by the revered Andrzej Welminski, the theme explored was “Lviv – inside and outside”.

The artwork’s display in Palazzo Zenobio is a reminder of history’s recurring patterns, compelling viewers to confront the resonating echoes of the past. As spectators gaze upwards at the projection on the Palazzio’s ceiling, they are submerged in a surreal waterscape dominated by a twirling chair. This scene teeters between tranquility and chaos, utilizing water as an allegory for the tumultuous whirlwind of emotions experienced by those forcibly removed from their homes.

Though appearing animated, the film captures an authentic scene — a chair poised above a Venetian Canal. This realness reinforces the idea that such episodes of displacement, though seemingly distant or fictional to many, are stark realities.

by Florencia S.M. Brück and Susie Olczak. Work made in Venice #PalazzoZenobio as part of the workshop led by Andrzej Welminski #Summeracademy. Based on the theme of Lviv – inside and outside.